The first question to ask is: Are we the ones you want to capture your wedding memories on film? At Tender Moments we believe that finding wedding professionals that fit your personality and your wedding needs is so important. That is why you can expect us to be available to you at every turn during your planning process.

We love meeting with every couple over coffee or lunch to get to know you and learn all we can about your big day. We will ask you questions; tell you all about us and our services. We want the process of planning your wedding film to be fun and exciting which is why you can expect -A personalized consultation meeting-Follow up meetings at your discretion-A venue walk through or visit Communication with your other wedding pros!

One of the many great things about Tender Moments is that you don't have to decide what you want or need at the time of booking. You only have to decide if we are the ones you want capturing your wedding day.

There is one retainer for all our services that reserves Tender Moments for your wedding day. After, we work with you to build a customized package that perfectly fits your wedding day.

We have packages starting at $800 and every package includes a custom Cinematic Trailer, a custom wrap-around photo case, and access to the full service professionals at Tender Moments.

The most important thing to us is to make sure that we capture every single one of your wedding memories for your future.

For pricing and more information,  email us at

Tomorrow's Keepsakes, Captured Today

1. Why should I choose Tender Moments over other companies?

You are guaranteed a professional who knows how to create quality images and sound while capturing the brilliance of your special event. With a variety of packages to choose from, there is a quality production for every budget.

2. Why should I hire a videographer?

A video is a visual heirloom. Only a video will bring back the voices, the laughter, and the music and the essence of your event. It preserves moments to be relived and to be shared with people who weren’t present (or weren’t even born). With a video you can relive the emotion and excitement of your special day again and again.

3. What type of equipment will you be using to video my wedding?

Canon XHA1 High Definition

4. What type of microphone do you use?

Wireless, our equipment is designed to not pick up cell phones or emergency personal

5. Do you include editing, music, and titles in your quoted price?


6. Can I buy the unedited master tape (s)?

Yes all packages come with the raw footage; however, the Dream package’s raw footage has editing and transitions.

7. How much does additional DVD’s cost?

$15 each; except for the Dream Package is $10 each

8. When will I receive my final tape?

On average 4-12 weeks depending on your package. We do offer preview DVD’s that can be previewed prior to final copy. (There is a nominal charge.)

9. Do you charge for mileage between the wedding and reception sites?

Not generally, if there is a great distance a flat fee will be charged and this will discussed during the interview process.

10. Are there any other extra charges that might be added?

Only items you add to the order.

11. Can I see a copy of a video that you have done recently?

Absolutely check out of wedding page.

12. Who picks out the music for the highlight montage?

You can. We can. We both can. It's up to you.
13. Will you be at the ceremony site ahead of time to discuss the best shots and angles?

Yes. We will arrive one hour early to give us adequate time to see the church and set up. This is why we always try to attend rehearsals, so we can get to know your wedding party and family before the big day.

14. What will you wear to the wedding?

We will be dressed in professional attire unless otherwise directed. We have a professional attitude AND appearance.

15. Will you need directions to the church/reception?

No. This is your day. Just tell us the name and address, and we will find it.

16. Where will you set up in the church?

Each church is different, and some have specific places designated for use by videographers. When we arrive at the church, we will evaluate the space and determine where we can get the best shot.

17. Will I/my fiancé be required to wear a microphone?

No. You will not be required to do anything. For moments such as the exchange of vows, we often put a discreet wireless microphone on the groom for best audio quality. If you don't want to wear a microphone, then the microphone attached to the camera will be able to pick up your words, just not as clearly.

18. Will you ask our guests to leave videotaped messages?

This is up to you. We will discuss it during the interview process, and your wishes will be followed.

19. Will you use lights?

Film and video need light. When you make a commercial or corporate video, you have the luxury of controlling the space, and therefore the lighting and audio. Event videography is different in that you often have to use the ambient light, and figure out how to make it look best. That is where professionals with our experience comes in. There are no lights set up in the church. We often use a small light on top of the camera during the reception for dark dance floors.

20. Do you need anything special at the ceremony or reception?

No. Just for your guests to have a good time. It makes for better video.

21. What methods of payments do you accept?

You can pay by cash, check, or paypal.

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